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Court Issues Order on Motion to Dismiss


As many of you have now heard, the Federal Court presiding over the Viptera China litigation in Kansas has issued an order regarding Syngenta’s Motion to Dismiss. A “Motion to Dismiss” is a preliminary step in which the Court evaluates whether a lawsuit can proceed but is legally required to take the plaintiffs’ allegations at face value. Although it is rare for Motions to Dismiss to be granted, Syngenta was successful in convincing the Court to dismiss a number of the plaintiffs’ claims. It is important to note that the Court did not rule that the remaining claims have merit, only that they could proceed. The plaintiffs will now have to actually prove those claims with real evidence.

Syngenta continues to believe the lawsuits are without merit and we will continue to defend the rights of American farmers to have access to safe, effective, U.S.-approved technologies like Agrisure Viptera. We commercialized Viptera in full compliance with regulatory and legal requirements, and USDA statistics make clear that the commodity price of corn declined before China’s rejection of U.S. corn in November 2013.

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