Things You Should Consider About The Viptera China Lawsuits

Some of you may have heard that you can sign up for the Viptera China lawsuits in order to collect a check later. No Court has found that Syngenta did anything wrong.

Some of you may have heard that farmers should sign up for the lawsuits to avoid missing out on settlements. There is no settlement.

Some of you may have heard that the lawsuits will not require you to participate in any active way. In fact, a plaintiff can be required:

  • to disclose relevant information about his business, including financials;
  • to turn over relevant documents, such as contracts for the sale of corn;
  • to answer questions under oath at a sworn deposition;
  • to testify under oath in courtroom proceedings.


Regarding Media Reports That Syngenta Is Considering Counterclaims:

The company will continue to assess its legal options, but we don’t plan any counterclaims against individual farmers. We are committed to helping growers by delivering safe and effective innovations like Agrisure Viptera that help increase crop productivity and yield. Again, we strongly believe the Viptera China lawsuits lack merit and will continue to defend ourselves vigorously.

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