About Agrisure Viptera

The Agrisure Viptera trait delivers innovation in insect control to help farmers grow more corn. Designed to offer growers protection against the broadest spectrum of above-ground corn pests, Viptera enables higher crop yields and productivity. It features Vip3A, vegetative insecticidal proteins (VIP) that bind to receptors within an insect’s mid-gut membrane. This VIP innovation is the result of Syngenta’s agronomic expertise and commitment to cutting-edge research and development.

For growers of corn, the equation is simple: More control over a greater number of insects equals more yield.

The Agrisure Viptera trait offers consistent, season-long control of insects that are widely distributed across the United States and appear in fields throughout the growing season. They are unpredictable, difficult to scout and challenging to treat effectively with conventional insecticides. Agrisure Viptera provides growers in-seed control of the broadest spectrum of lepidopteran corn pests, offering a convenient way to prevent and protect against damage due to the multi-pest complex throughout the growing season.

The Agrisure Viptera trait is the foundation of a number of trait stacks that provide control of yield and quality robbing corn insect pests. Trait stacks containing the Agrisure Viptera trait control up to 16 above- and below-ground pests.

  • Corn earworm
  • Western bean cutworm
  • Black cutworm
  • Dingy cutworm
  • Fall armyworm
  • True armyworm
  • Beet armyworm
  • Sugarcane borer
  • Southwestern corn borer
  • Southern cornstalk borer
  • Lesser cornstalk borer
  • Western corn rootworm
  • Northern corn rootworm
  • Mexican corn rootworm
  • European corn borer
  • Common stalk borer

Damage caused by ear-feeding insects inflicts stress and injury on plant tissue. This can allow spores from fungi to gain access, proliferate and produce mycotoxins, including aflatoxin, causing reduced grain quality. Aflatoxin can harm humans and animals when found in grain at concentrations above an acceptable threshold. The Agrisure Viptera trait has demonstrated the ability to significantly reduce development of molds and mycotoxins in research conducted by Texas A&M University and Syngenta.

It has been approved for import in China, Japan, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, Australia/New Zealand, the Philippines, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, the European Union, South Africa and Vietnam.

The Agrisure Viptera trait is available in hybrids from Syngenta seed brands Golden Harvest®, NK®, Catalyst®, Innotech™ and Phoenix®, and also is out-licensed through independent and third party seed companies. Visit www.agrisureviptera.com to find an Agrisure Viptera reseller.


For more information, please visit http://www.syngenta-us.com/agrisure/agrisure-viptera.aspx.

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